The crypto boxing match of the year

The crypto boxing match of the year

Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey Entering the Bitcoin Debate. It is a confrontation that has been coming for weeks. Wednesday is finally here. The two tech billionaires will talk to Ark Investment boss Cathie Wood about the future of the world’s largest cryptocurrency at the digital “B word” conference. Musk and Dorsey’s differing views on Bitcoin reflect two different mindsets that live in the crypto market. Therefore, the outcome of the discussion may tell us more about the crypto world than we think. Nano is well known in crypto.

Why is this important?

Elon Musk is seen as one of the key figures who heralded the end of the bull market for crypto coins in early May by scrapping Bitcoin as an accepted means of payment with his electric car company Tesla. Dorsey, meanwhile, has rapidly emerged as a serious champion of digital currencies such as Bitcoin for democratizing finance and improving economies in third world countries. If these figures talk to each other about crypto, it promises to be interesting.

Tomorrow, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Tesla boss Elon Musk will have a live debate about Bitcoin. The talk will take place during “The B Word” conference hosted by Cathie Wood’s Crypto Council for Innovation and investment fund Ark Investment. XRP Ripple is well known in crypto.

Both gentlemen are influential tech billionaires who meddle in the world of crypto assets. Yet they both do so in very different ways. Dorsey and Musk also kind of embody the two conflicting faces of the crypto community. On the one hand, you have Musk, the “dogefather”, who can also represent the crypto traders. Musk isn’t afraid to play the market with his arsenal of obscure memes and targeted criticism.

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